06th Feb – 12th Feb’s work

I apologise for the lack of updates during the course of this week. I have been solely focusing on completely a rather important aspect of my project which is of course the search functionality to find reserves as well as the reserve pages. I have overcome some hurdles and problems (mainly pretty much all related to google maps :| )  but I’ve finally got there :) Below is a screenshot of the main search results page.


The main search result page utilises google maps in order to display where the reserves are based on the current users location. The above screenshot shows a red marker which is the location of the reserve and the green marker which is the user’s location. If the user clicks on the red marker, a pop up window will be displayed with the name of the reserve and you can click on the link inside of the bubble to be redirected to the reserve page for that reserve.

Another feature of the search result page is the distance calculator which calculates how far the reserves are from the user’s inputted postcode.  Using a tutorial (http://davidsimpson.me/2008/09/28/find-nearest-store-page-using-php-mysql-and-google-maps/) I was able to create the distance calculator.

The region search is also up and running and all of the searches have sessions to make it possible to return to the search results page after you have clicked on a reserve page.

Once the user clicks on a reserve, the reserve page will be displayed. Below is a screenshot of the main reserve page.

The main reserve page has an interactive map of Cosmeston which once the user hovers over a red dot, there will be information about that location (A key is attached to the map as well) and with the images, it expands on click via a Jquery viwer called slimbox.  The final part of the main reserve page is the review functionality which allows the user’s who are registered to add a review about a reserve. Using the Jquery Modal dialog window, when the user clicks on the “add a review” button, the below window will display and if they are logged in, they will be redirected to the add a review form otherwise they will be presented with a log in form instead. Below is a screenshot of the review window:



The travel information page was also added to the reserve page and includes a single google map which plots the selected reserve on the map to the user. Below is a screenshot of the travel information page:


Finally, the events and wildlife sightings element of the reserve page was also implemented and user’s who are registered are able to post wildlife sightings.

I’ll also be looking more into try to beat spam. I already have in place a feature which means that everything interactive requires a log in especially for reviews and wildlife sightings but I’ll be looking more into trying to stop spam especially since I’ll be working on the discussion forum of the site so it is important I think about this. I have currently found this artickle which could be useful:  Best Ways to fight spam



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